Gloucestershire has three tiers of Council, each with their own role and responsibilities. This can be confusing, so we hope the menu below will direct you to the correct council so you can resolve your issue or report your concern quickly.

If you are worried about a crime, please see our Crime and Safety page.

What Issue Do You Have?

Gloucestershire County Council is the local Highways Authority. You can report issues directly, or use the free app and service Fix My Street to report all kinds of issues.

Cotswold District Council is responsible for picking up bins. Please report problems directly.

Cotswold District Council is responsible for collecting Council Tax and arranging discounts and reliefs. Please contact the Revenues and Benefits team directly.

Cotswold District Council is responsible for bins and recycling recepticles. Please contact the Recycling and Watse team directly.

Please also note that Cotswold District Council operates a watse separation system which can be confusing for new residents, please see the waste and recycling guidance to learn what goes where.

Cotswold District Council is responsible for enforcing fly-tipping, please contact the Fly-Tipping Action team directly.

Please also note that Cotswold District Council does not have the power to remove fly-tipping rubbish from private land, that is the land-owner’s responsiblilty. But Cotswold District Council can notify the land owner of the fly-tipping, so all incidents should be reported directly.

Cotswold District Council has the responsibility to remove abandoned vehicles, please report abandoned vehicles directly and follow the advice.

Moreton-in-Marsh Town Council operates three allotment sites, one in Hospital Road, one in Old Town (next to Tinker’s Close and Fosseway Avenue) and one on the Evenlode Road.

If you have any queries about an allotment, please contact our Deputy Clerk directly.

Trees are precious, and some are so valued that they are covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Cotswold Distrcit Council holds the list of TPOs for this area, so you check directly whether a tree is protected.

However, even a TPO won’t prevent a diseased or dying tree from removal.

Also remember that any tree (which has a trunk diameter of 75mm at 1.5m from the ground) within our Conservation Area is automatically protected to much the same degree as if it had a TPO. Cotswold District Council holds the Conservation Area maps for this area.

If a tree is covered by a TPO, or is in our Conservation Area, the person wishing to do work on that tree must apply to carry out tree works. You can therefore check on the Costwold District Council Planning Portal to see whether permission for works has been secured. If permission has not been secured, please report the works directly to Cotswold District Council.

Cotswold District Council is the Local Planning Authority, and has responsibility to investigate complaints of breach of planning permission. Please contact the Planning Enforcement Team directly.

You can look up planning applications, and their planning conditions, on Cotswold District Council’s Public Planning Portal.

Cotswold Distric Council is responsible for investigating reports of benefit fraud, and taking action where necessary. Please report fraud concerns to the Anti-Fraud Team directly.

For other concerns of fraudulent behaviour, please contact Action Fraud directly.

Cotswold District Council is responsibile for investigating food hygiene concerns and take action if appropropriate. Please contact the food safety team directly.

Cotswold District Council is responsible for street cleaning, dog fouling, litter, most overflowing bins and similar issues. Please report concerns to the Environmental Services Team directly.

Cotswold District Council has the responsibility to investigate concerns related to noise, pests, pollution, air quality and other environmental nuisance. Please contact the Environmental Health Team directly.

Contact details

Moreton-in-Marsh Town Council Old Town Moreton in Marsh Gloucestershire GL56 0LW


The Town Clerk, or The Deputy Clerk for allotment queries

Tel: 01608 651448

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