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Jean Blackbeard

Elected to Council in May 2021 and 2023.

I have lived in the North Cotswolds and been part of the community for almost twenty years, taking on various roles, including single parent, volunteer, campaigner, and business owner. I moved to Moreton-in-Marsh in 2018 and have been actively involved in serving my community through my business. As a result, I was invited to stand for the local elections in 2021.

I love parenthood, people, learning, being of service to others, pursuing peace and expeditions. I’m a confident dyslexic who also loves words. My interests are heritage history, Christian theology, problem-solving, engineering, nutritional health, and social and political sciences. I thoroughly enjoy rambling, quiet contemplation, reading, music, and sports in my spare time. I instinctively apply my analytical, methodical and perceptive abilities and hard work ethic to all the areas I serve. I am not one to shy away from debate, advocating for the under-recognised and challenging the status quo when necessary for the betterment of others through envisaging innovative solutions.

I’ve walked an arduous path in life, which has enabled me to develop empathy, gain insight into embedded social and systematic injustices that befall so many, develop resilience, appreciate the simple things in life and have an appetite for change.

In an era where old-fashioned chivalry, fairness, and honesty are fast-waning in all tiers of Government and society, I remain committed to making independent decisions that are life-changing and law-making based on thorough research, logical reasoning, and public sentiment. I adhere to fast-fading values and principles without the peer pressure and temptations of party politics, which has slowly corroded our democratic Government machine.

Roles: Planning & Infrastructure, Personnel, Cemeteries and Allotments, and Communications Strategy Working Group.