Council Meeting Summary – 11th October 2022



The defibrillator that is located on the Cotswold District Council operated public toilet building in the Town Centre has recently been upgraded to the new G4 model from Community Heartbeat.  The existing G3 model at the Skatepark and Fields in Trust Site, including Moreton Rangers Football Club, will shortly be refurbished with a new battery and pads.  Both defibrillators have been utilised on several occasions over the last year by members of the public under guidance from the emergency services ensuring they are a vital tool in saving lives in our community!  Further units can also be located at Cooperative Supermarket, the Railway Station, Moreton-in-Marsh Bowling Club and St David’s Centre.

External Audit 2021/22

The Conclusion of the External Audit for 21/22 had been received and published on the website on 30th September 2022.

Committee/Working Groups

The Playarea Working Group will be having a meeting within the next week to discuss QVG Playarea and the next steps to move the project forward.  The Personnel Committee will be meeting on Thursday 20th October to discuss the Clerk vacancy and other staffing and office matters. The next scheduled Planning & Infrastructure Committee meeting will take place on Monday 31st October.

This summary highlights some of the topics discussed at the meeting.  If you would like more detail, please visit the Agenda/Minute Section of the website to view the draft minutes which the council aim to publish within 14 days of the meeting