green and black lawnmower on green grass

Town Council Changes Grass Cutting Contract to be More Environmentally Friendly

The town council has recently made the decision to change its grass cutting contract to prioritize the environment over short-term aesthetic concerns. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote biodiversity, the council has chosen to cut grass less often and leave cuttings.


This decision has been met with some complaints from members of the public who are concerned about the appearance of the grass.


By cutting grass less often, the council is able to reduce its carbon footprint and promote biodiversity. Grass that is left to grow longer is better able to absorb carbon dioxide from the air and promote the growth of wildflowers, which in turn attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies.


Furthermore, leaving grass cuttings on the lawn helps to provide nutrients for the soil, which reduces the need for fertilizer and promotes healthy, sustainable growth.


The council understands that some members of the public may prefer a tidier-looking lawn. However, we believe that it is our responsibility to prioritize environmental sustainability.


We encourage members of the public to learn more about the benefits of sustainable grass cutting practices. The Wildlife Trusts, a UK-based conservation organization, recommends cutting grass less frequently and leaving cuttings to support biodiversity.


The council is committed to promoting environmental sustainability in all of its practices, and we believe that this change to our grass cutting contract is an important step in that direction.


Furthermore, it should be realised that the Council agreed to cut verges on the highways 9 times a year whilst the authority responsible for managing them, GCC, would only cut them twice a year and only reimburses this Council for only twice a year at a reduced value to that charged by contractors.


In addition, the changed contract started late and is with a new supplier. There have been some teething issues with the new contractor familiarising themselves with a new site and our expectations. They are being monitored and will be kept under review. We have already seen some improvements and hope to see more as the season progresses.

For more information please contact the Town Council Office, email: Tel: 01608 651 448