Land Acquired for New Transport Hub

Cllr Eileen Viviani, Chair of Moreton-in-Marsh Town Council, with Tom Pierpoint, Business Development Director, GWR

Moreton-in-Marsh Town Council and Great Western Railway have today announced the joint purchase of the Former Royal British Legion site.

The Council has always believed this site should be used for the benefit of the town and its residents, and this purchase secures that use for the future. The site was priced for sale as housing, so the Council felt it must act.

The Council will use the site to tackle the parking and congestion problems in the town centre, delivering new and better choices for people to move around town. Purchasing this site also gives us the chance to make our High Street safer, more accessible and a more pleasant place for us to spend time in once Covid restrictions are lifted.

Councillor Eileen Viviani MBE, Chair of Moreton-in-Marsh Town Council said “We are delighted to see this investment in Moreton. It is an important step forward in our long term plan to reduce congestion and improve our High Street for residents and visitors alike.

“This follows on from our consultation with residents in the summer and is great news for the local economy, for the environment and for residents.”

In the first phase of the plan, 50 cycle racks will be delivered as well as approximately 50 car parking spaces; we are working with GWR to deliver that as quickly as possible. In the second phase, more parking spaces and provision for improved public transport will be delivered.

By partnering with GWR, the Council not only halves the purchase cost of this land, helping to reduce risk and precept rises, but also gains access to professional skills and expertise. GWR will assist with security, logistics, design and other areas of work to make this project successful and quick.

Business Development Director for GWR, Tom Pierpoint said “Purchasing the land with the Town Council means that we can now work with them and with Cotswold District and Gloucestershire County Council to develop integrated travel solutions. We are committed to this area. We want to see Moreton-in-Marsh thrive and you cannot get more rooted in the community than by buying land here.”

The Council will be available to meet residents in the Town Council car park (Old Street) on Saturday morning (20th March) from 10-12, and you are welcome to come to ask questions and learn more.

Alternatively, please contact the clerk with questions and comments on and the Council will respond as fully as possible.

This project is supported by all tiers of government, including our MP.

Cotswold District Council Leader Cllr Joe Harris said: “This is great news for Moreton-in-Marsh. The District Council is keen to see investment into communities such as Moreton that haven’t had the infrastructure they deserve despite lots of housing being built. The purchase will not on help improve the town but will also mean better transport options for the North Cotswolds. It is a bold move and one we are happy to support; we now look forward to working in partnership with the Town Council and GWR to develop ideas for the integrated transport hub.”

Cllr. Nigel Moor, Cabinet Member Environment and Planning at Gloucestershire County Council said “Gloucestershire County Council are keen supporters of the North Cotswolds Line Task Force who have ambitious plans to improve rail services for Moreton and the whole of the North Cotswolds line. This investment supports those plans and it is great to see Moreton at the forefront of improvements particularly those that support reductions in carbon. We are delighted to be part of the group now working to take forward plans for the site and I congratulate the Town Council and GWR on making this important first step.”

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP has welcomed the announcement that Moreton-in-Marsh Town Council has purchased the Royal British Legion site adjacent to the railway station. He has been a long term supporter of more investment in rail and improving services for residents and visitors and said “This fits perfectly with the Government’s agenda to build back better and to promote active, sustainable travel. It will be good for the local and regional economy and I am delighted to see the Town Council and Great Western Railway working collaboratively to deliver lasting improvements for the town.”