Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) aim to direct and influence planning decisions to be more in-keeping with what the local community wants and needs. That can be anything from making sure that new housing is the right size, layout and price for local people, to protecting green space and enhancing habitat for wildlife, to solving problems with infrastructure.

If adopted, our NDP will also allow the Town Council to receive 25% of the Community Infrastructure Levy placed on new development, which the Town Council can invest in identified projects.

Moreton-in-Marsh Town Council created the Moreton 2031 NDP in December 2017, and it continues to gather evidence and find specific solutions and opportunities for the town’s future. Please look out for consultations, surveys and questionnaires as the information gathered will inform how this town evolves over the next decade and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the NDP and its policies that inform new development will come into force once adopted by referendum.

The ‘2031’ of the group’s title comes from Cotswold District Council’s Local Plan 2011-2031. This document outlines how Cotswold District Council aims to deliver the government’s housing target for the district (approximately 500 houses a year), and allows other authorities and organisations to plan their investment accordingly.

However, even if the Local Plan is not updated following 2031, its policies and the policies of the NDP will continue to influence new planning applications received by Cotswold District Council.

Yes. NDPs are referred to as ‘non-strategic policies’ in the planning system. As such they have almost as much weight as the planning policies in Cotswold District Council’s Local Plan, which is the main guide to how planning applications should be judged, along with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

While the NDP has to ‘be in conformity’ with the policies of the Local Plan, it is essentially an appendix to that plan which provides greater clarity and detail about what exactly is appropriate in certain areas of Moreton-in-Marsh parish. It might, for example, say that while the Local Plan has allocated Moreton-in-Marsh as a Principle Settlement and therefore an area where new housing would be appropriate, that housing should be in the form of more 2- and 3-bed houses that are locally affordable rather than high percentages of 4- and 5-bed executive houses.

You can help in many different ways, from filling out surveys and questionnaires as they are released to volunteering time and skills or joining the group of local volunteers working on the plan. See the Moreton 2031 NDP website for more details

Yes. As an NDP is a planning strategy and a material planning consideration when determining planning applications, it must be backed up by evidence, be ‘in conformity’ with the Cotswold District Local Plan, and not breach any National guidance (either the National Planning Policy Framework, or the Planning Practice Guidance), and must be defensible against planning appeals.

This is not easy, so the group has secured the services of the well-respected NDP specialist plan-et. The group has secured grant funding from Locality to help cover this cost, but the Town Council has also provided the group with a budget.

The Government published a white paper in March 2021, titled Planning for the Future. This proposed a number of radical changes to the UK planning system, including the concept of zoning land for development, design codes and shorter periods of time to create plans to manage how development occurs in an area.

While these measures would create a very different system from the managed and plan-led system of today, it was unclear whether NDPs would be affected at all. Proposal 9 stated that “Neighbourhood Plans should be retained as an important means of community input, and we will support communities to make better use of digital tools.”

UPDATE: Following Michael Gove MP’s appointment as the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities in September 2021, the Planning for the Future proposals appear to have been paused pending an internal review and consultation process with government MPs.